Brief history of the phenomenon:

DeCentrum squat kick-started in October 2000 in a pre 2'nd world war textile factory in Bialystok.The so called integration parties have commenced, gathering different people with one common anarchist idea.

Soon the gig making machine became operational and various punk bands from all over the globe started to visit our place. We've organised approx 100 gigs and parties in five years, mainly hc/punk, but also hip hop, d'n'b, techno, reggae, metal etc. Along with that, many other events took place such as flea markets, movie screenings, art exhibitions and theatre performances. The most popular amongst all were DC crew birthday festivals and the Grrlz In Action shows. We have also been organising demonstrations (antifascist and against the war in afghanistan and iraq). The members of our gang took part in anti-globalist demos and actions all over the world and are still squatting in western europe. Three anti-border camps convened in our area, which we have also co-organised.

On 9/11 globalist special forces blew up three wtc buildings and the side of pentagon, the corporate bitch media sold a story that osama is the one to blame. Then, according to the plan, u$a army assaulted afghanistan and iraq. Meantime, in Bialystok, the Food Not Bombs action has started, which is basically a free meal for everyone in need. It was always collated with anti war and anti government propaganda, cause the polish slaves quickly added up to the americans.

23.11.02 is the date, when the DeCentrum website was launched. Also, round this time the independent art gallery ''Out Of Control'' was established in our squat. It was a place, where any/many creators could exhibit and present their art. We have transformed an abandoned, dilapidated building into a CENTRE OF ALTERNATIVE CULTURE. W-23 coffeeshop was the place, where many local band rehearsals/recordings were convened. Above all, we've established a library at our squat, there were also self-defense trainings, a gym and workshop. For some time, there were some free school grinds and art classes for the local kids. Trough all those years approx 30 people were living at the squat. All the time many journalists have been makin reportages about an alternative living at the vancance, also three masters thesis about DC have been made (sociology, pedagogy) .

We can also tick off a good few police raids at our squat - under some random silly reasons...Not to mention tens of attacks from local nazi-fuckheads, arson attempts etc. Them attacks were always an epic fails from the nazi side (history:), as the building was like a fortress, but the unsettled atmosphere around our place did not do any good for us - local residents werent too sympathetic, they just wanted to watch their sitcoms on the telly rather than listen to wild roaring and the sound of broken glass.


Bialystok's police, at the command from the city council threw us on the street from the squats building. protests-in Bialystok, as well as other solidarity actions in poland and europe, collection of signatures (approx 2500), then formation of legal association to be able to negotiate with the council- all that did not help a whole lot. The effect was nearly zero, council treated us as ''ideologically dangerous element'', it probably meant our ''social engagement'' , or street propaganda: posters, graffiti,public property destruction; ''against the grain'' projects like: no border camps, anarchist black cross, antifa, election boycotts - not quite with the line of current politics and catholic authorities (opus dei) of our city. After these actions we have changed our tactics,which resulted in nothing positive - we scrapped legal associations and still roll unofficially as a group of decentralized units, where everyone is responsible for themselves...


Eviction from the building was not the end of DeCentrum - running of our squat for 5 years was truly a success, a favorable lesson, buckets of gained experience and contacts. The building was a good start for DECENTRUM VIRUS - which still mutates and spreads chaos and anarchy. Projects like food not bombs, abc, antifa, w-23, LDN, cdtc, out of control still do their stuff- the only thing that changed is the tactics of partying:) . Instead of squat there are clubs or GARAGE LAND, we started projects like DECENTRUM RECORDS or POVOLY CO-OP. We're still organizing wild gigs , there are loads of audio/video material archived at our squat, we re gonna consequently publish it, hang it up on the web, as well as promoting new, interesting things.


The crew decided to occupy the empty squat once again. after a riot with slave council guards and 14 hours of occupation the group was forced to leave the building. Couple months after that, the persons whose details were taken on the day, were summoned for questioning in relation with an alleged assaults on the policemen. Nobody was charged with that crap, despite great effort from the pigs:) . But the authorities had to punish the ''culprits'' - whose once again fooled them in front of eyes of the public....back then the president of our city , rysiek t. (privately mixed up with opus dei, lol) filed some shit to the dpp. All of the activists were charged with the disruption of peace. They were proposed to admit voluntarily and accept the penalty, by means of fine or community service. Once again, authorities exposed their dumbness, and showed that any social activity above their control will be reacted with repressions.

During five years we have organized over 100 gigs and art exhibitions, as well as started handing free meals to all those in need. (which runned years after the eviction). These kind of initiatives were so much disturbing to the parasites from the magistrate.



The ever lasting conflict between old farts and freaks is still goin... The building at czestochowska street since 2005 stands empty and the rats ate it. But DeCentrum is not a building, but people - the core of the crew is still together and for years does its job doing their thing. People, who softened and left along the way from the crew got replaced by newer generation, whose because of their age never even set foot at our squat at czestochowska.

Old farts from the magistrate still do their ''cultural policy'' mantra, by means of beer gardens and shopping malls- where good citizens , between their work and tv sitcoms can consume the newest shits.

Our parties came back to the underground and are dedicated only for the group of close friends without the aimless ambition of ''cultural animation'' in bialystok.
If anyone of you wants to ''make'' a new squat, you can do so with a group of trusted friends, use our experience + your own passion and imagination....So a question ''where you gonna squat something new in b-stok'' is a question to yerselves. As well as q ''how can i sign up to DeCentrum'' is a pure misunderstanding, you can of course sign up to our @ newsletter, to be notified of whats goin on...


The removal of our gig-project GARAGE LAND [ ] to ex-army warehouse at Weglowa street in bialystok. The first G.L. was a place based on the rule of 'secret society', where for our parties we were inviting only trusted friends. The second G.L. now operates officially, so we invite ya all for our insane gigs! We also encourage you to download our free mixtapes- the mighty DC REC MIXTAPES [ ] . Its also worth to get familiar with the POVOLY CO-OP [ ] and KAPUTT RECORDING STUDIO.

We're evicted from warehouse and moved out GARAGE LAND from Bialystok to Puszcza Knyszyńska forest. Gigs are still made by BIAŁYSTOK PUNX CREW in Rejs club.

Reactivation of FOOD NOT BOMBS action in Białystok. More BIAŁYSTOK PUNX CREW / DC REC gigs and POVOLY CO-OP activities.

More FNB actions and DC REC gigs @ Rejs club. Finally, third GARAGE LAND and W-23 studio will be opened on Valpurgis Night. OD NOT BOMBS action in Białystok. More BIAŁYSTOK PUNX CREW / DC REC gigs and POVOLY CO-OP activities.

More BIAŁYSTOK PUNX CREW / DC REC gigs @ clubs: Rejs, Piętro, Bestrada. POVOLY CO-OP activities, building W-23 recording studio @ GARAGE LAND.



translated by maro

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